Why we had to visit Bangkok

Many travelers flee Thailands capital quickly after they have experienced the city’s heat, crowds, smells and chaos. Not us though, we actually love hectic Bangkok so much that we return to the city quite frequently. 

The beautiful temples, immense skyscrapers, intense markets, tasty streetfood, hypermodern shopping malls and diverse nightlife are all a very good reason to visit Bangkok. But that is not why we have been there four times and even spent most of our honeymoon in the city. It’s because of our lovely friends that really make us feel at home everytime we visit.
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Hiking the Cameron Highland trails without a guide

The Cameron highlands, a cool and fertile region in the middle of peninsular Malaysia is a hikers paradise. Don’t expect challenging multi day adventures, but rather beautiful walks that start right from your hotel doorstep and lead you through strawberry farms, tea plantations and dense jungle. And with our help you can explore it all by yourself!
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