Travel Gear

Since we want to pack light and be able to easily move around, we went about selecting our gear carefully. We have 3 things to take into account:

  • Size/Weight
  • Comfort
  • Price

The last one may be the most influential factor in selecting what we will take with us. If we would have infinite resources, getting comfortable, yet lightweight gear is not so hard. But in our case, every Euro we spend on stuff, is deducted from the travel budget.

This turned acquiring good gear into a sport. Getting the best gear possible but without it affecting our budget is quite fun when you put your mind to it.

The Good Gear diagram no background

It has to be “Super stuff”, or at least very close. So for example, if something is expensive, it has to be really comfortable or extremely light or small to make the cut.

Below, is a list of the gear we have so far, and when we know how well it held up, you can click on it to read about our findings.

  • Jack Wolfskin Exolight Jacket, 530 gr
  • Keiko HS Hooded Jacket Women, 360gr
  • Vango Zenith 300, 2550gr
  • Bach Shield 38 liter backpack, 1750gr
  • Nomad Pegasus 340 sleeping bag, comfort temp 0 – 5ºC, 675gr
  • Sea to Summit Ultralight S.I. Regular Sleeping mat, 550gr

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