Busting kilometers in the Bolivian Buses

“I have never seen such utter disregard for human life”. This was the first thing we read when trying to prepare ourselves for bus rides in Bolivia. That remark was followed by pages of examples of (severe) accidents, speeding or flat out drunk drivers and not to mention the poor state of the busses. Since we didn’t budget on flying our way through Bolivia, we tried to come prepared. Don’t rely on chance or even the lucky charms in the picture to get from A to B.

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What’s not to like about traveling?

Don’t get me wrong, the following is definitely not a complaint about the discomforts of traveling. We were just thinking that we only posted positive stories of our travels. That’s why I’d like to share a bit of the other side of traveling in South America.

We’ve seen and done great things within the last three months. That’s why we call ourselves lucky that we just had three minor setbacks during our stay in South America untill now (knock on wood).

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Mennonites, Pachamama and a pretty Procession

Since we have been in and out of reach from the much adored wifi signals, this post features lots of pictures to make up for lost time. To get that over and done with, in order of our visits: Sucre, Tarabuco, Maragua, Santa Cruz and ConcepcĂ­on + San Javier. The theme of this post is a subject that ties all these places together: Religion.

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Camping on the Uyuni salt flats

Because of a lack of wifi, we missed a good offer on our tent, meaning we are still carrying it around. And stuff you carry on your back, you might as well use. So while booking a tour to the famous Uyuni salt flats, Thomas casually informed about camping options, eager to start a new adventure.

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Chile: looking back

Exactly 2 months after starting our journey in South America, we crossed the border into Bolivia, where we just had an unpredicted adventure at the salt flats of Uyuni! But we will post about that next week.

We have shared our experiences through blogposts and pictures, but we have seen and done much more in Chile (and Argentina).

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Camping between sea and desert

After some time in AirBnBs and a hostel, we were missing our own little home away from home: our tent. So when we left Valparaiso, we had our mind set on visiting national park Pan de Azucar. Mainly because of the day hikes into the desert you can undertake right from your tent at the beach.

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