If you could go anywhere…

Where would you end up? We’ve asked ourselves this question when we started saving, we asked it again when we wanted to book flights and while on the road we still do. Because where to next is always open for debate in between our scheduled flights, busses and boats.

Go where you didn’t plan to

When asking that question in the preparation stage, Singapore was never the answer. Singapore seemed interesting but also expensive and out of the way of our original route. But plans change and so do feelings about how far or how close something is compared to your whereabouts.


Three months ago, during our stay in Kuala Lumpur, we got an invite of our old classmate Chris. He lives in Singapore and promised us something very hard to refuse: a beer together.

And last Friday it turned out that once you start thinking about something, chances are you find a way to arrange it. Between Sri Lanka and Borneo it was time for a beer in Singapore!

Beer and music!

Chris is one of the leading Hardstyle DJ’s in Singapore, dedicated to getting the scene going over there. We would have loved to support him and finally feel some high BPMs again. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a gig himself, but there were some friends presenting their new album in one of our favorite genres: Trap.

We had so much fun, we had more than one beer and the night proved that social media can also be an effective way to stay up to date with each other’s adventures.

Singapore with a headache

As it turns out we’re not 22 anymore and a red eye flight combined with more beer than our bodies had to endure in the last couple of months leads to a hangover. That’s especially inconvenient when you only have three days to see a city.

Marina Bay Sands hotel

So the next morning, off we went to get a hangover breakfast. The typical Singaporean snotty egg with toast was not an option to our stomachs. After walking for a bit we opted for: Curry. I think we are slowly adopting Asian eating habits :).

The famous breakfast

This helped a lot so we got on our feet again and walked, and walked, and walked. Singapore is awesome on foot. Colonial buildings and futuristic ones are mixed within meters of each other. We coincidentally walked by, and loved, the School of the Arts. A really cool modern building and some fine photo opportunities outside.

Super… Me.

We found a famous mooncake bakery, discovered the most organized Chinatown we’ve ever come across and just kept looking around in awe. Singapore, you amazed us.

Welcome to the future

At night it was time to go to the famous Gardens by the Bay. Many people only know that image of Singapore and yes, these futuristic fake trees are very impressive.

Gardens by the Bay

The next day we decided to continue our city walk and again, we were impressed. From the skyscrapers to its cosy art deco neighborhoods Singapore is clean, well organized and at times just plain pretty.

It was quite a big transition for us though, from the beautiful but poor and messy Sri Lanka to this modern way of living but again, we felt right at home.

Old and new in the National Museum

If you ever have the chance to visit, please do. Singapore is fantastic! Even with a headache.

♥ Dagmar

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