Hiking the Cameron Highland trails without a guide

The Cameron highlands, a cool and fertile region in the middle of peninsular Malaysia is a hikers paradise. Don’t expect challenging multi day adventures, but rather beautiful walks that start right from your hotel doorstep and lead you through strawberry farms, tea plantations and dense jungle. And with our help you can explore it all by yourself!
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A small journey through our route in South America (Part 3: Peru)

Planning ahead has never been my strong suit. Professionally, I am well organized, but in my natural habitat, home, I usually go with the flow. Exceptions to that rule have been moving into our apartment and getting married, which I have pretty much completely drawn out in Excel. Going on a 10 month adventure however, I was planning (haha) on completely winging it. Keep on reading!

How I found out I was wrong

Some people are extremely good at making estimations. Judging a situation, predicting an outcome and, because they are good at it, finding out that they were right.¬†I like to call those people realists. Okay, that’s not what I like to call them (I find know-it-all or annoying more suiting), but yeah, it’s what they’re called. Surprisingly, I am not one of those people. Keep on reading!