How I found out I was wrong

Some people are extremely good at making estimations. Judging a situation, predicting an outcome and, because they are good at it, finding out that they were right. I like to call those people realists. Okay, that’s not what I like to call them (I find know-it-all or annoying more suiting), but yeah, it’s what they’re called. Surprisingly, I am not one of those people.

The glass is not half full

My glass is overflowing. My glass can be emptied, then walks itself to the kitchen and refills itself, no questions asked. So when I judge a situation I automatically assume that stuff will sort itself out. And it usually does.

Not this time though.

Actually overflowing

On the page about our gear, I explained how we try to find super stuff.  Light, affordable and comfortable. Well, one of the first things we found were our backpacks. I absolutely love my Bach Shield 38 liter backpack. We bought the backpack at a real bargain and walking with it is very, very comfortable.

The problem? We decided to do part of our trip with a tent after we selected 38 liter packs. I kept saying it would be fine, while Thomas kept expressing his doubts. According to me, we would fit all our gear in our two 38 liters and, in my most optimistic moments, we would still have room to spare.

Today I decided to prove it. We have almost everything we need and I was going to make it work. It doesn’t. I can’t fit all our stuff in there. Not even freakin’ close.

So as of today, we are on the lookout for new backpacks. Shit.

♥ Dagmar

3 thoughts on “How I found out I was wrong

  • Upside of this luckily early, because still in the comfortzone at home, collision with reality is that Monique and Mirjam do no longer have to look for a comfortable, not to large backpack to join you guys on the Peruvian part of the trip. Upside is also that this is the first gear to store in your new private outdoorstorage, a little like the one your father keeps in his house;-). Upside is, finaly, new hunting time for gear, so you have the privilege to spend some more hours in outdoorshops in an around Utrecht ;-). I suggest you start in Woerden at the “Zwerfkei”. I also have some “Op pads” for you to do the necessary preparing work in the tests. Totday is a realy rainy sunday, the best day to start your search.. Good luck guys and remember: Adventure starts where your comfortzone ends so you still could decide to buy two roller cases at the Action for the items that did not fit into the backpacks and keep your pretty hers&his Bachs to yourselves..


    • You are absolutely right. Either we make someone very happy with a good backpack, or we sell it. Probably even with profit because we had such a good deal.

      Luckily we both have a good alternative that we tried out. Unfortunately,price wise, mine is in a whole different ball park. Ah well, shopping timeeeeee!


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