I said “Yes”. Again.

It’s that time in our lives that weddings are an awesome way to spend your weekend and that pregnancies are welcomed instead of avoided. It’s that time where you almost effortlessly juggle social life and mortgage payments, can still party until 4 and have an early Monday morning meeting. This is the ideal phase, you are making money and still have time to spend it. Yes, it is good to be where we are.

Thomas wholeheartedly agrees to the above. So much even that it got him thinking. We are in good health, have no obligations, made enough money to last us a little while and let’s be fair, interest is a joke.

So there I was, coming home from a weekend of parties, looking forward to regaining some energy on our comfortable couch before starting a new 40h work week. I walked into the hallway and heard Thomas calling for me. Without so much  as a “Hello”, he started his pitch:

“You know how we talked about traveling in college and how somehow, life happened? You know how we said we would go see the world the minute our first job would have earned us enough money? We still can! I know you are thinking about other stuff than travelling but we have some time left. We can do this. Go on a new adventure together. What do you say?”

And I said “Yes”. Again.

Then the planning started. We had decisions to make and lots of grown up stuff to take care of. The thing about deciding to have a travel-revelation with a steady job and mortgage is that you have to take some counter intuitive actions. We will rent out our amazing apartment, resign from our jobs and leave, not knowing if our savings will take us all the way. Of course, we calculated the living daylight out of our plans but you. just. never. know.

Long story short: South America and South-East Asia, here we come. Starting this January, we will go on a 10 month adventure. And for everyone at home, we will do our very best to update this blog. And we would love to hear from you too!

♥ Dagmar

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