A small journey through our route in South America (Part 1)

Although I was the one who convinced Dagmar to go on a long trip together, I had no actual idea of where to go. Many countries appealed to me while others did not. The plan of going traveling didn’t come out of the blue and ever since we discussed it for the first time, when we were still studying, we thought of South America.

Dividing our excitement

Planning the holiday of a lifetime is a very exciting part of the adventure, with your budget basically being the only limit. However – at the risk of sounding spoiled – we noticed that it’s very difficult to be equally excited about different amazing events happening in the near future.

This is something I experience most often with concerts. For instance, this year we went to concerts of Blink 182 in June and the Rolling Stones in October. Although the Rolling Stones are so legendary that the moment you get the tickets, you should be over the moon about the show, my level of excitement was lower than expected. This is because most of my excitement was going out to the more imminent Blink 182 show.

I know it’s a school example of a first world problem but I’m sure you occasionally experience this too, right?

Global planning

A little because of the above-mentioned and because of the fact that we like to keep our options open, we are only focusing on the destinations that require planning ahead. This way, you can fully enjoy the moment instead of dividing your excitement between too many great things.

We are not new at arranging trips, so we decided to book and arrange everything ourselves, thinking this would be the cheapest way to go. Out of curiosity and because they have great references, we asked booking agency Kilroy for a second opinion. 

After comparing the options, we booked our flights with Kilroy, since it surprisingly turned out that their package was a lot cheaper than we ever found by combining one-way tickets online.

Starting January, we are flying from Amsterdam to Santiago (Chile) from Lima (Peru) to Cali (Colombia) in May and from Cartagena (Colombia) to Amsterdam in June. Everything in between those flights we’ll mostly be traveling on land.

Our global plan now is to go to;

Chile – 2 months

Bolivia – 1 month

Peru – 1 month

Colombia – 1 month

Since this has been quite a read already, I will take you into a more detailed journey through the two destinations we have been (trying) to book in my next post. We were reminded patience literally is a virtue sometimes.


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