Mennonites, Pachamama and a pretty Procession

Because of a lack of wifi, we missed a good offer on our tent, meaning we are still carrying it around. And stuff you carry on your back, you might as well use. So while booking a tour to the famous Uyuni salt flats, Thomas casually informed about camping options, eager to start a new adventure.

Romance is not dead

Since competition amongst tour agencies is tough, Thomas’ eagerness for adventure was matched by the agency’s eagerness to make a sale. Without hesitation we heard the words: ”Sure, no problem, of course you can camp there.”

We were over the moon. It was surely going to be a unique experience and we were going to be the only ones there. The stars would be superfluous and romance would be in the bloody cold air. In short, we couldn’t wait.

Preparing without knowing what to expect

The first day we would visit lagoons, flamingos and a vulcano before being dropped off at our camping spot. On the way there, dinner would be arranged and the camping could commence.

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