Romance is not dead, it just moved to Phu Quoc

Just before leaving Vietnam and heading for Sri Lanka, we had a special occasion coming up. Together for 10 years and married for two, that calls for a celebration. The thing is, the past months have been one big fiësta. So what would be the way to celebrate?

Thomas: “We knew that this date was coming, and I knew that I wanted to make it extra special. I thought about islands with white sand private beaches and clear blue water. A lot of privacy, good food and maybe a massage or two. My wife, on the other hand, wasn’t immediately on board.”

Dagmar: “Nope, unless there is diving involved, beaches still aren’t making it to the top of my favorites list. So I proposed a little more adventure, climbing a vulcano, hiking for a few days, something like that. Besides, we are still backpackers on a budget and we can’t keep having splurges.”

Thomas: “As much as I like adventure, Dagmar’s plan just didn’t sound right for this occasion. Hiking up some bloody big mountain, cursing at each other in the process, smelling like a first grader after a math exam, no thanks. That’s more like bonding, team building but it’s not romantic.”

Dagmar: “Well, to be honest, I kinda knew he had a point. Even though I would have loved to suffer to the top of something and then be rewarded with stunning views, this might not be most suiting to celebrate 10 years of love. So then the big search for the best place commenced”

Thomas: “Since Dagmar was right about the budget, I decided that this was going to be my treat. And one of the things I love to do when I’m about to spend quite some money is window shopping. I window shopped countries, islands, beaches and when the location was chosen, the real fun started: selecting a place to stay.”

Dagmar: “He almost shopped ’till he dropped. I’ve heard so many names of places that I had no idea where we would end up anymore. Eventually, based on the rest of our plans and the wide range of resorts, Thomas decided on the Vietnamese Island Phu Quoc.”

Thomas: “Then, after emailing several resorts, I found one that had it all: Five stars, private pool, private beach and, I’m not kidding, two spa treatments per person, per day, in-clu-ded. I was sold. I booked, and then the big countdown started.”

Dagmar: “I felt a bit uncomfortable with this gift. Something about being a big girl, emancipation, you know what I mean. So, when I heard that you could arrange a private dinner on the beach, I decided that was going to be my big romantic gesture. Surf and turf beach bbq, perfect! In between ordering and arriving, I turned vegetarian. But okay, let’s make an exception 😉 .”

Thomas: “After all that research, you want the stay to be perfect. But if you hype it too much in your head, how can it live up to the expectations? Simple, it just has to be amazing. Fusion resort, and our very own Fusionista Yana, made sure that our stay rocked!”

Dagmar: “It was just unreal, we got picked up from the airport with a welcome drink and refreshing cold towel. When we arrived at the resort we got Yana’s number so we could text her with any requests we might have and when we entered our villa, well, see for yourself”.

Thomas: “Yes, it lived up to all the expectations. Super friendly staff, relaxing spa treatments, a private pool and amazing bath tub at our villa. Wake up, jump in the pool. Have breakfast, swim some more. Wait ’till dark, see the stars from your pool.”

Dagmar: “Speaking about dark, the sunsets were magical and my romantic dinner thing worked out great. You know it will be a success when random strangers start taking pictures with your table set up ;). We had the best time, the food was very tasty and the setting was simply crazy romantic.”

Thomas: “Yes it was. And again, we were lucky. The one thing I couldn’t control was the weather. And yes, it was the rainy season. But we had two perfect sunny days, a dry beach dinner and the third day, when we checked out the rest of the island by motorbike, it was grey but dry. We were so lucky!”

Dagmar: “So, all in all I have to admit that this was way better than grinding our teeth while doing something hard like conquering a vulcano. It’s a good thing I married someone who is like me, but a bit different. Thank you Fusion resort, thank you Yana and a big thanks to Thomas, who was right about romance. This time.”

♥ Thomas & Dagmar

More pictures? We took ‘m!

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