Back to my roots in Surabaya

My father’s family is from Dutch-Indonesian decent. My grandparents grew up in Surabaya (Indonesia) and lived there untill their mid 20’s. They lived there during the end of the Dutch colonial era, when the county was called Dutch East Indies. After 1960 the family had to relocate to the Netherlands because of commotion after the indepence. However, a big part of my grandparents’ lives, including getting together, took place in Surabaya.

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When you really are at the other side of the world

Today was my grandfathers funeral. My family gave him a worthy and beautiful send-off. And I wasn’t there in person but in video call.

I don’t think my grandfather particularly missed me at the event but nontheless, it feels a bit weird. I miss something about not being home right now, even though it was my own decision. I miss the sharing of stories. 
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From dynamic duo to fantastic four

After months of going with the flow, deciding about the next destination on the spot and making as well as changing plans in an instant, it was time for a new chapter. The one planned part of our big trip: A visit from the Adventurous Aunt (A.A.) and the Marvelous Mother (in law) (M.M).

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Traveling means saying goodbye. A lot.

We have been busy with making sure that we can leave. And with busy, I mean that we are constantly arranging things. Getting a backpack that is big enough, cleaning our apartment, handing over our jobs to successors and planning to see all our loved ones at least once before we take off. Keep on reading!