Traveling means saying goodbye. A lot.

We have been busy with making sure that we can leave. And with busy, I mean that we are constantly arranging things. Getting a backpack that is big enough, cleaning our apartment, handing over our jobs to successors and planning to see all our loved ones at least once before we take off.

All this time I have been saying: “No, it’s okay, this is not goodbye, we will see each other again before we start our trip.” But recently, this changed. We will not see each other again. Not for a long time. And to be honest, that part really sucks.

Real goodbyes

One of the first real goodbyes was a friend that lives in The Hague. Then there was goodbye to some friends that live pretty close. And then, we had our final day at work. Even though having all this time off is amazing, we will still miss our colleagues, friends and family very much.

Leaving home

By now, we have left our home and started the “goodbye-tour”. January first, we handed over our keys to our tenant and until we leave on the sixth, we are moving from one family member to another. So, basically, our big trip already started in The Netherlands with lots of final goodbyes.

We are once again reminded that you can only really leave home when you have one. And a real home is not made of bricks, wood and glass, it’s made of people. We are lucky to have such an amazing home!

“Having a place to go is a home, having someone to love is a family, having both is a blessing.”

♥ Dagmar

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