Home away from home

We’re back! And by back I mean back on the road. Since the first of july we are continuing our travels but this time in Asia. We started in Malaysia and in a week time we’ve already walked the skybridge of the Petronas towers and have seen glowing mushrooms in the jungle.

Traveling the Netherlands

Yes, we’ve also been back home for a short while. Which meant we actually had over 2 weeks of holidays with family and friends in the Netherlands. We’ve felt at home in most places during traveling but while traveling in our home country, our actual home was the only place we couldn’t visit.

Being able to see people back home after our big South America trip appealed to us. Combine that with the fact that flying over the pacific is weirdly more expensive than taking a detour via Europe to Asia and gone were our hesitations.

The break in between our big trip

A break in between traveling literally means breaking up the journey into two seperate holidays. This has certain advantages and disadvantages. Several times family, friends and strangers asked us if we didn’t prefer to go traveling without returning home in between. Before and during traveling but especially after our little break, we can see why people would ask us that question.

What we liked about our break

Apart from not having to miss people back home for 10 months straight, there were more pros of a break in between.

  1. Since we decided to travel through South America and Asia, a break in between meant some time to acclimatise so we could get more excited about traveling complete different continents.
  2. We got 2 1/2 weeks to look back on an amazing time in South America and to organise for the rest of our trip in Asia.
  3. Repacking; last on this list but definitely not least. For most of our travels in South America we needed warm gear. The countries we were planning to visit in Asia are mostly warm, hot or hotter. That means we changed our wardrobe for thin layers and short clothes.
Why it could’ve been better without a break

As we started realizing more during our stay in South America, there are definitely downsides of a break in between traveling. The cons are also partly related to changing scenes by going to two very different regions.

  1. With every country we left behind, we felt sentimental for leaving. Closer to the end of our first part of the trip, we were really sad to leave a part of the world we fell in love with. We started being nostalgic about a trip that we had just finished halfway. And however this will also occur when passing on to the next continent right away, a break in between definitely added to this.
    This would’ve been even less of an issue when we would’ve continued traveling to Central America. The differences would’ve been more gradually. However, we have several reasons why we needed to go to Asia :).
  2. One of the reasons of long term traveling for me was to experience the feeling of being past the beginning of and way before the end of your trip. The feeling of eternally traveling. Obviously this feeling lasts longer while consistenly traveling (overland) without any breaks.
  3. Since Dagmar gets more homesick than I do, there was a slight chance she wouldn’t want to leave home for the second time. Nonetheless, we made it to Asia :D.

Long story short, we are really glad we decided to have a break in between and to completely change scenery from Latin American to Asian. However, if you don’t plan on switching abruptly to the opposite end of the world, just stick with one big trip. This will make you less nostalgic during your travels.

♥ Thomas

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