Cruising the Kinabatangan in Borneo

As we near the end of our mega vacation, I would like to take you back a couple steps. It will be a bit more of a visual story this time. We  opted for a fully aranged boat tour on the Bornean version of the Amazon river: the Kinabatangan. We were in for a treat!

In order to spot wildlife you need at least two things: an enthusiastic but quiet group and a persistant guide. In this river lodge we found both. With coming here we hoped to see a wild orangutan as well as the “gracious” proboscis monkey.

The proboscis monkeys are the ones with the huge nosed males. And as if a big nose isn’t enough, a constantly erect penis completes their comical appearence. We were hoping to encounter one but found so many we almost didn’t think of them as special anymore. Almost.

We shared our boat with an American family living in Cambodia. Their three daughters were very fun to be around and their enthusiasm was contagious. To be very honest, sometimes your heart can sink a bit when there are a lot of children in a tour group but these girls defied every prejudice and were on their best behavior.

I will stop bothering you with words now and show some of the animals we were lucky enough to see. And yes, we actually saw a wild orangutan!

♥ Dagmar

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