Cruising the Kinabatangan in Borneo

As we near the end of our mega vacation, I would like to take you back a couple steps. It will be a bit more of a visual story this time. We  opted for a fully aranged boat tour on the Bornean version of the Amazon river: the Kinabatangan. We were in for a treat!

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Hiking Sri Lanka’s Hill Country: birds, a modern monk and two stray dogs

Our guide stops in his tracks and abruptly turns to the left. A second before, we heard a bird calling and immediately, our guide knew what he was looking for: the Sri Lanka Grey Hornbill. Did we see it? Yes, right before they got chased away by the dogs defending the property we passed.
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We planned not to plan but then we changed plans

When we started this thing back in January, we planned not to plan too much. Our route mainly consisted of hunches on what would be an interesting new stop. We had some successes and some, well, interesting experiences. We only had two parts in our trip that were set: the family visits in Peru and Vietnam.

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Off the beaten track: hit and miss

Sometimes you plan ahead a little. We mostly do this to make the most of our time here, to be efficient, so to say. At times this means that we book hotels or buses for the next step and save time. At other times, this means that we book hotels or buses for the next step and really regret leaving a place a little too soon.

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Traveling means saying goodbye. A lot.

We have been busy with making sure that we can leave. And with busy, I mean that we are constantly arranging things. Getting a backpack that is big enough, cleaning our apartment, handing over our jobs to successors and planning to see all our loved ones at least once before we take off. Keep on reading!

A small journey through our route in South America (Part 3: Peru)

Planning ahead has never been my strong suit. Professionally, I am well organized, but in my natural habitat, home, I usually go with the flow. Exceptions to that rule have been moving into our apartment and getting married, which I have pretty much completely drawn out in Excel. Going on a 10 month adventure however, I was planning (haha) on completely winging it. Keep on reading!

How I found out I was wrong

Some people are extremely good at making estimations. Judging a situation, predicting an outcome and, because they are good at it, finding out that they were right.¬†I like to call those people realists. Okay, that’s not what I like to call them (I find know-it-all or annoying more suiting), but yeah, it’s what they’re called. Surprisingly, I am not one of those people. Keep on reading!